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Friday, July 15, 2011

Living Dead Dolls 2012 Calendar - SHIPS MONDAY 7/18/2011!!

If you're like us here at Fun Beyond Driven, a calendar is very important.  It's at the center of our office and we use it to remember all of our  appointments and commitments. We're EXTREMELY excited to tell you that we'll be using THIS in our office next year:

Living Dead Dolls 13 Month Calendar new for 2012. Celebrate your inevitable march towards the grave with the official Living Dead Dolls 2012 Calendar. The calendar showcases eye popping new digital illustrations featuring the Living Dead Dolls, and features the “Death Dates” of every doll up to Living Dead Doll Series 21.

Printed on sturdy 9 x 12 inch stock (18 x 12 when open).
The artwork (of course) is top-notch.  Artwork included:
  • Series 1 - Sadie, Sin, Posey, Eggzorcist, and Damien
  • Twisted Love - Rose & Violet
  • Alice In Wonderland Collage
  • Eggzorcist 10th Anniversary (in black bunny outfit)
  • Series 19 - Vampire Wave
  • Resurrection: Died & Doom
  • Resurrection Collage
  • Series 21 - Things With Wings
  • Series 16 - Halloween (Isabel, Mishka, Squeak, Pumpkin, Eleanor)
  • Series 20 - Day of the Dead (Savannah, Camilla, Catrina, El Luchador Muerto, Santeria)
  • Nohell
  • Little Red Riding Hood

These AMAZING calendars will be shipping out to you from Fun Beyond Driven on Monday, July 18, 2011!  Get yours today before they're all gone!  Click on the link above or visit!

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