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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Star Wars TALKING Chewbacca Plush!

Have you ever wanted to pretend to have a conversation with Chewbacca?  Sure, we all have.  Well, now you can do it!

This recreation of everyone's favorite Wookie is incredibly cute and life like! Standing approximately 8.5" tall, Chewbacca would make a perfect gift for any fan who has ever wanted a furry co-pilot of their own! Why not take a load off and cuddle up with this adorable talking plush Chewbacca while the Galactic Wars rages on between the Empire and the Rebel forces. Spoken phrase is Chewie's trademark Wookie growl. 

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Only One Left!

We've carried a lot of cool things at Fun Beyond Driven and strive to bring you the latest and greatest form your favorite companies.  The following items listed are down to only ONE left in stock - so you should order yours today to avoid missing out!

 Mezco's latest 1/6th scale creation, Leatherface from the horror classic "A Texas Chain Saw Massacre."
This 1/6 scale figure captures all the gory details of Leatherface, from the top of his masked face to the bottom of his cowboy boots. The blood spattered real cloth apron, the titular chainsaw, and his infamous mallet are all included.

Mezco's Leatherface comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box that displays Leatherface in all his gruesome glory.

Living Dead Dolls Classic Freddy Krueger Doll - $27.99
 From the 1984 horror masterpiece that launched a million nightmares;

A Nightmare On Elm Street's infamous maniac steps out of your dreams and into Living Dead Doll form. Dressed in his trademark striped sweater, the terror of Elm Street comes with a removable hat and his trademark razor-sharp glove. Classic Freddy Krueger comes packaged in a collector friendly fifth panel window box. 
Cartoon Network: Dexter's Laboratory Dexter & Mandark 2 Piece Set - $12.99
This 2-pack set contains a 1 Dexter and 1 Mandark Wacky Wobbler
Friday The 13th Jason Vorhees Movie POP! Vinyl Figure - $9.99

This Jason Voorhees Movie Pop! Vinyl figure stands 3 3/4-inches tall. The stylized vinyl figure has a rotating head and comes in a displayable window box.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cute and Cuddly......ZOMBIES!!!!

You love zombies (who doesn't?).  You love stuffed plush toys.  Hold on to your brains, because Mezco is releasing some of the cutest undead creatures you've ever seen!

Mezco Toyz launches Living Dead Dolls Plush, and these little imps are creepy and cuddly. They measure 8-inches tall and are stuffed with mischief!

This first assortment includes Living Dead Dolls' most popular characters, Sadie and Eggzorcist. Sadie sports her signature black dress, while Eggzorcist features her fluffy bunny costume and noose. As both stare at you with their unblinking eyes, you can't help but wonder what terrifying plans they have in store for when the lights go out

Available for Pre-Order from - Only $14.99 each!
(Ships July, 2011)

These loveably freaky, ghoulishly cute zombies are the latest additions to the Creepy Cuddlers family. The trio of characters includes Deathmittens- an undead feline with an exposed radius bone and bandaged tail. Zach and Ophelia- both feature real cloth clothing and skin that has "decayed" patches exposing the corduroy "sinew" below.

Available for Pre-Order from - Only $14.50 each! 
(Ships in September, 2011)

Come by and pre-order yours today!  Shipping dates are approximate and could vary according to manufacturer release.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living Dead Dolls Series 21 "Things With Wings" to be released soon!


Living Dead Doll fans have a whole lot to get excited about this year as Mezco gets ready to release the next series of Living Dead Dolls series 21 "Things With Wings"
This kicks off the 13 year anniversary of new Living Dead Dolls, and now is the time to pre-order these dolls if you desire any of them.  We have received many pre-orders this week alone and they will soon be gone!
In the dark still of the night, a new kind of evil takes flight,

Winged creatures ascend from where the Living Dead Dolls dwell,

And swoop down on the masses likes bats out of hell,

Angels and demons, pixies and fairies, make up the twisted creations of
series 21,
Pre-Order NOW from Fun Beyond Driven!  Shipping May 2011! 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elvis.....will be entering the building!!!

The original hunka-hunka burnin' love is

The extremely adorable Elvis Plush series
from Funko is headed our way!

These Elvises (Elvi?) come in the Aloha, Gold Suit, and Jailhouse Rock versions!  Pre Order yours today! 
They will be ready to ship on April 15th!!

Thank you!  Thank you very much!

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Monday, April 4, 2011


Finally.................the long anticipated images of

When there is no more room in hell, dolls will walk the Earth. The 22nd series of the Living Dead Dolls, pays tribute to the creatures that first inspired the creators more than a decade ago: Zombies!

Five rotting corpses, freshly reanimated, shuffle forth from their tombs and into the night. They search for brains…try to be open minded!

Set of 5, each individually packaged in their own coffin…for now. 

Available individually or as a set of 5 from - Pre order yours today before they sell out - AND THEY WILL SELL OUT, long before they are available to ship!

Expected release date is September, 2011.  

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