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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living Dead Dolls Series 21 "Things With Wings" to be released soon!


Living Dead Doll fans have a whole lot to get excited about this year as Mezco gets ready to release the next series of Living Dead Dolls series 21 "Things With Wings"
This kicks off the 13 year anniversary of new Living Dead Dolls, and now is the time to pre-order these dolls if you desire any of them.  We have received many pre-orders this week alone and they will soon be gone!
In the dark still of the night, a new kind of evil takes flight,

Winged creatures ascend from where the Living Dead Dolls dwell,

And swoop down on the masses likes bats out of hell,

Angels and demons, pixies and fairies, make up the twisted creations of
series 21,
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