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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Living Dead Dolls Series 21 - "Things With Wings" - IN STOCK NOW!

At long last, Living Dead Dolls Series 21 - "Things With Wings" is now in stock at Fun Beyond Driven.  The detail on this series is incredible.  They are truly eye-pleasing and we really think they'll make an awesome addition to any collection! ($26.99 each - ready to ship!)

You may find

something extraordinary

if you chose

to chase this green fairy

She feeds in the forest

on wormwood roots

Likes dancing with dwarfs

wearing her boots

He has a Bat, a Hat, and Wings

Ready to Spread

With Fangs, and Pointed Ears

This Bat Boy is Undead

Stealing the souls of children

is all part of her game

She dresses up to lure them

into her secret domain

Devouring their innocence

one lost child at a time

This playful Pixie doesn't

even know it's a crime

"An angel is what you are"

Is what her Mother said.

She placed upon her costume wings

and a halo above her head.

Sunday trusted her Mommy,

and believed this to be so

Climb did she the highest tree,

from its peak she let go

(Unfortunately, we are currently sold out of Tenebre)

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