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Friday, February 25, 2011

Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

The Big Bad Wolf knocked on our door today.....and we let him in!

"What big teeth you have..."
Inspired by one of the most famous of the Grimm Brother's stories, Mezco's popular Living Dead Dolls reimagines the legendary wolf with whom Little Red Riding Hood (currently sold out) crossed paths.

The Big Bad Wolf comes dressed in Grandma’s nightgown, sleeping cap, and wears her glasses.

This timeless tale has been capturing reader's imaginations for hundreds of years and is set to be released as a big budget film from Warner Bros. in March 2011. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and staring Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Julie Christie, and Gary Oldman.

Each is sold individually in their own coffin. 

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